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William and Mary: a Promo

William and Mary PromoI recently created a short multimedia presentation for The Seventeenth Century Lady to intrigue fans of historical fiction and publicise her forthcoming novel. You can see it here!

Free Flash preloader

I recently made a Flash preloader component (an SWC file) which is suitable to be dropped on the first frame of any Flash movie and it will preload that timeline with precision. I’m giving it away for free here: There are a few notable things…Read on

Blinder website

In 2010 I was contracted to develop a website Blinder, a television commercial production company. I wrote thousands of lines of front-end code and created a Drupal back-end for this this video-intensive site. Check it out!

Orange RockCorps 2009

I was recently contracted to develop a user interface, or “dashboard”, for over 5,000 USB flash drives to be distributed straight after the Orange RockCorps event at the Royal Albert Hall in London. I programmed thousands of lines of object…Read on

Disney Cheetah Girls Game

I was recently employed by major London agency Ogilvy Action to assist in the creation of a game for Disney’s popular Cheetah Girls site. The idea was for the player to hit the right keys on their keyboard to match the moves of a dancer on-screen.…Read on