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Stop Mac from sleeping when lid is closed

MacBook Pro ClosedApple say that “notebook computers sleep when the lid is closed”. Well, PCs don’t. We wouldn’t want to go back to using those, so how can we close lid on our MacBook (Pro) while still keeping it running?

There have been a few third party solutions for this over the years. The current best one, I believe, is a great little app called NoSleep, which is easily turned on and off simply by clicking its icon in the menu bar. It also has a number of options:

NoSleep Preferences

NoSleep Preferences

Some people have reported ventilation and cooling issues when running their Mac with the lid down, but these appear to have been rectified now – at least I’ve never had any problems with my 2012 MacBook Pro.

It’s worth noting that if you have an external monitor connected and close your MacBook, it should not sleep, the display will just exclusively appear on the external monitor. But NoSleep is a great solution if you just want the machine to stay on even when it is out of the way, with its lid down.

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