An experienced Senior Front End Web Developer

Disney Cheetah Girls Game

Dance Me If You Can

The brief

What I did

The effect

I was recently employed by major London agency Ogilvy Action to assist in the creation of a game for Disney’s popular Cheetah Girls site.

The idea was for the player to hit the right keys on their keyboard to match the moves of a dancer on-screen. Of course, the action became faster and faster!

Working at the beginning of the project, my responsibility was to define the over-all structure of the Dance Me if You Can game and, technically, to create a countdown timer which adhered strictly to the MVC design pattern.

A dancer then came in and the moves for the game were all recorded in front of a green screen.

I was only commissioned to carry out the initial mapping and MVC programming for this job. I then handed it over to another more junior developer who implemented the rest of the development.

I was alerted when the game was completed and uploaded. I’m told it was a big hit with the under-15s!

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