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What is an ADSR Envelope?

"Envelopes" in general are an important concept in synthesised music, because they are used to shape sounds in many ways, but the one most often encountered is the ADSR envelope. Let's have a look at what this is.

Hans Zimmer: Time

William and Mary: a Promo

William and Mary PromoI recently created a short multimedia presentation for The Seventeenth Century Lady to intrigue fans of historical fiction and publicise her forthcoming novel. You can see it here!

Belinda Carlisle: Heaven is a Place on Earth (Club Mix)

Belinda Carlisle's "Heaven is a Place on Earth" is one of the classic pop tracks of the 1980s. My aim with this remix was to create an anthemic, impactful and atmospheric club version.

Goldfrapp: Melancholy Sky

Understanding Logic Pro installation folders

It can sometimes be a little bit confusing how Logic Pro organises its folders and how we should work with them. In this article I clarify what each folder is for and how they all fit together.

Robin Blaze: Beauty and a (Baroque) Beat

Hans Zimmer: The End

Pet Shop Boys: Love Comes Quickly

Nitrous Oxide: North Pole