An experienced Senior Front End Web Developer

Katy Perry: Wide Awake (Darker Mix)

I liked Katy Perry's track "Wide Awake" and decided to create a darker, more atmospheric remix. See what you think of my version, and tweet it to Katy!

Kontakt Script Programmer

Are you creating a sample library? I've been programming - and using virtual instruments - for more than 20 years, and am pleased to now offer Kontakt Script Programming (KSP) services. Feel free to get in touch.

Installing global NPM packages with Yarn

Yarn is a great new package manager but it can sometimes be a bit confusing to see how it handles global installation (especially when Node was installed with Homebrew). Let's take a look at that…

A year at O2

O2In this post I give a technical overview of my work between June 2014 and June 2015 as a Senior Front End Developer at O2. It was a great year, with many technologies explored and some major improvements made to the O2 website.

Jaguar Land Rover global website

From January to June 2014 I had the pleasure of being part of the team assembled by Connect Group to build the new responsive Jaguar Land Rover website.

Ultimate PX/REM Sass mixin

Finally having time to write a blog entry after more than a year's absence, I present my own indented syntax "Ultimate PX/REM Sass mixin"!

A site for Ed West

Ed West is a well-known journalist and author who has written for The Daily Telegraph, The Spectator, The Catholic Herald and other national publications. It was recently my pleasure to build a new site for Ed, maximising his profile on the web.

Book Cover Design

I was recently asked to create a book cover for a new science fiction e-novel. This is a service I can offer to any author. I can also format your perfectly book for Kindle and paperback and provide all other related technical services.

What is an ADSR Envelope?

"Envelopes" in general are an important concept in synthesised music, because they are used to shape sounds in many ways, but the one most often encountered is the ADSR envelope. Let's have a look at what this is.

Hans Zimmer: Time

Installing JSHint for Sublime Text 2

If you're a Sublime Text user you might like to use Package Control to install JSHint, which will check your JavaScript syntax with a single key command. Let's have a look at how to do this.